May 10th, 2018 by Sam Del Rowe

According to a recent report by digital commerce marketing solutions provider Avionos, 83 percent of B2B buyers would choose a supplier with robust e-commerce and customer portal capabilities over a competitor with less extensive ones, even if the competitor’s product was priced moderately lower. The report—which is the result of a survey of 160 U.S. B2B procurement officers—asserts that this trend will increase as millennials replace baby boomers in the workforce.

Additional findings support this assertion. 89 percent of procurement officers indicated that they make more purchases online today than they did a year ago, while 97 percent said that customer portal offerings were a critical factor in selecting a supplier. Furthermore, 46 percent identify as millennials, a demographic that the report notes have experienced e-commerce their entire lives.

The report also asserts that an extensive e-commerce experience is just one piece of the puzzle for a digitally empowered organization. It found that 78 percent of B2B buyers begin their product searches on either Amazon or Google, with only 15 percent beginning on a supplier’s website and just 6 percent doing so with a supplier’s catalog—even when they already have a preferred supplier. For this reason, the report suggests that companies invest in high quality digital content to boost visibility.

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