November 30th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

People are more likely to share a life milestone on social media than in person, according to research from Sprout Social, a provider of social media management, analytics, and advocacy solutions. More specifically, 80 percent of people reported using social media to share a life milestone, compared to 75 percent doing so in person, 71 percent doing so via text, or 71 percent doing so by phone.

The research also found that people are open to mentioning brands when sharing milestones on social media, presenting a major opportunity for companies to increase their visibility and engage with consumers during important moments in their lives. More specifically, 47 percent of people said that they would include a brand in posts about holiday celebrations, with 43 percent doing the same for a travel or vacation milestone, and 35 percent for a personal accomplishment. Furthermore, 29 percent said that they would mention a brand in more personal moments such as engagements or weddings, with 30 percent reporting that they would do the same for family milestones such as having a baby, and 30 percent saying they would do so for posts about buying a home or relocating.

“Now more than ever, people are sharing major life milestones and special moments in their lives on social,” Andrew Caravella, VP of strategy and brand engagement at Sprout Social, said in a statement. “The burgeoning opportunity is for brands to connect with people by encouraging them to celebrate, commemorate and share those major moments with the people, products and services that helped along the way. When used authentically and effectively, brands can weave together people’s natural inclination to share with inspiration for user-generated content, cultivating brand loyalty and advocacy in the process.”

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