November 9th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

47 percent of marketers believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is more fantasy than reality, according to a study by Resulticks, a marketing cloud platform provider. The study—which surveyed more than 300 marketers—also found that 42 percent of respondents have no plans to implement AI technologies while 6 percent have already given up on the concept. In addition, 43 percent believe that vendors “overpromise and under-deliver” on AI.

“All eyes are on AI these days. With so much industry attention and so little to show for it, marketers have already grown weary of the term,” Redickaa Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Resulticks, said in a statement. “Software vendors have to up their game and give marketers the equipment they need to get into shape on AI.”

The study also yielded findings regarding marketers’ perceptions of personalization. 61 percent said that personalization is a priority for their company, and 60 percent reported that they have fully or partially implemented personalization. Furthermore, vendors ranked better with regard to delivering on their promises for personalization, with just 28 percent of marketers saying that they “overpromise and under-deliver” in that area.

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