October 5th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

When it comes to product recalls, millennials are the least compliant across all age groups, according to research commissioned by Stericycle Expert Solutions, a provider of product recall management services.

The study also found that personal relevance is a key driver of recall compliance, with approximately 70 percent of respondents saying they judge recall notices based on whether they think they are personally at risk. Additionally, 26 percent reported that they believe that recall notices are not serious and are largely sent out of legal obligation. Given these findings, the research suggests that organizations dealing with a recall need to rethink their communication strategies—especially with millennials—in order to improve compliance rates.

“It’s a trend that needs to be reversed because millennials are now the largest living American generation and will drive the greatest percentage of product purchases in the near future,” Michael Good, Vice President of marketing and sales operations at Stericycle Expert Solutions, said in a statement. “This research shows that product recalls are as much a communications challenge as they are a logistical one. The lesson for both regulatory bodies and product manufacturers is to make recall compliance easier and more relevant to this generation.”

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