August 10th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

Password manager Dashlane recently released its 2017 Password Power Rankings, which present the results of examining the password practices of more than 40 consumer and enterprise websites. The study, which was conducted by Dashlane researchers in July 2017, found that 46 percent of consumer sites and 36 percent of enterprise sites failed to implement the most basic password security requirements.

Companies were ranked on a zero-to-five scale, with zero being the worst and five being the best. Just one consumer site—GoDaddy—received a five-out-of-five score, while popular services such as Netflix, Pandora, Spotify, and Uber all received zero-out-of-five scores. On the enterprise side, Stripe and QuickBooks both had scores of five-out-of-five, and while no companies scored a zero, Amazon Web Services and Freshbooks both received one-out-of-fives.

“We created the Password Power Rankings to make everyone aware that many sites they regularly use do not have policies in place to enforce secure password measures. It’s our job as users to be especially vigilant about our cybersecurity, and that starts with having strong and unique passwords for every account,” Emmanuel Schalit, CEO at Dashlane, said in a statement. “However, companies are responsible for their users, and should guide them toward better password practices.”

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