August 3rd, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

Phone customers convert faster, spend more, and churn less, according to a survey of 213 U.S.-based marketing decision makers conducted by Forrester on behalf of mobile advertising analytics company Marchex.

The study yielded a number of findings that suggest that phone calls—particularly customer-initiated ones—are a powerful tool for marketers. 60 percent of marketers say that customers who initiate a call in the course of the customer journey convert an average of 30 percent faster; 60 percent of marketers say that customers who initiate an inbound call spend an average of 28 percent more; and 54 percent of marketers say that customers who initiate a call have a 28 percent higher retention rate. The study also suggests that ads prompting customers to initiate a phone call have higher engagement.

The study also suggests that marketers prioritize customers who dial into their call centers or directly to their business, and should take advantage of the data that can be tracked from those phone calls. With this in mind, the study identifies three advantages. The first is optimizing marketing campaigns: data from phone calls can assist marketers in understanding how keywords are semantically related and how specific offers drive phone calls. This information should be utilized in existing marketing campaigns to test and optimize advertising programs. The second is understanding the potential of voice search: marketers should familiarize themselves with the questions customers ask over the phone and use those questions to shape content strategy and improve intelligent agents. The third is shaping business strategy: the study suggests that marketers need to be “human, helpful, and handy,” and that they should incorporate those qualities in to their phone interactions with customers.

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