May 4th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

“Power words” can help mobile marketers improve app engagement, according to a report from mobile marketing platform Leanplum. Because of the space constraints of mobile push notifications, marketers need to make every word count. More than 2.6 billion push notifications were analyzed for the report, which identifies words that are highly effective at generating greater mobile engagement.

The report groups these words into four key themes. The first group represents urgency, as time-sensitive notifications can deepen a user’s urge to interact with an app. Words associated with this group include “alert,” “breaking,” “critical,” “deadline,” and “reminder.” The second group represents exclusivity, as users tend to appreciate rewards for unique offers. This group includes words such as “accepted,” “eligible,” “invitation,” “member,” and “spotlight.” The third group is emotive, as words that spark feelings can pique a user’s interest. Words associated with this group include “believe,” “dream,” “indulge,” “memories,” and “surprise.” Finally, the fourth group represents value, as discounts and savings can bring shoppers back. This group includes words such as “bargains,” “buy,” “cash,” “deals,” and “offers.”

“We are making it easier for marketers to move past the generic blast approach and to treat each user as an individual,” Momchil Kyurkchiev, co-founder and CEO at Leanplum, said in a statement. “This research illustrates which specific words resonate with app users on an emotional level, a requirement for creating meaningful connections. Including these words in your push notification campaigns can lead to more engagement, retention, and revenue.”

Great post, Sam! With the space constraints and urgency required in a mobile push notification, it’s true that marketers need to make every word count. These power words seemed to be effective in helping mobile marketers improve their app engagement. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Brooke Harper @Tenfold — — May 7, 2017 @ 8:41 pm

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