February 23rd, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

More than 40 percent of marketers incorrectly believe that they have already adopted AI-powered marketing, according to research conducted by Forrester on behalf of Adgorithms, creators of AI marketing platform Albert.

The study also revealed several other trends around marketers’ perceptions of AI-powered marketing. 94 percent said that a tool that provides continuous, autonomous, cross-channel optimization would be appealing to them, while 91 percent said that a tool that allows them to review, analyze, and act upon data in a continuous, real-time manner would be valuable. Moreover, 88 percent expressed an interest in reducing time spent on preparing reports and analysis.

However, marketers expressed reluctance to adopting AI-powered capabilities for a variety of reasons. 48 percent believe that it would be too expensive, 35 percent reported difficulty in finding a vendor that fits their needs, 35 percent cited a lack of knowledge, and 29 percent assumed difficulty in integration with their current processes.

“We believe the results of this study confirm many of the trends we’re witnessing in the marketplace, but we were surprised by the root causes of common marketing challenges,” Amy Inlow, CMO of Albert, said in a statement. “The common denominators driving these challenges were marketers’ willful lack of knowledge about the tools they’re working with and the tools available to them. As a result, they continue to be plagued by technological complexities, unreliable insights, and a lack of control.”

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