February 9th, 2017 by Sam Del Rowe

Nearly 70 percent of smartphone owners in the United States play games on their mobile devices, according to a study from Tapjoy. Nevertheless, marketers have neglected to incorporate mobile games into their strategies due to misconceptions about the people who play them, focusing on channels such as messaging and social media apps instead.

Mobile gamers are a diverse group. According to the report, 63 percent are female and 37 percent are male. When examined by age, consumers 55 or older are the largest segment at 23 percent, with 25- to 34-year-olds and 35- 44-year-olds rounding out the top three age groups at 21 percent and 19 percent respectively. These results indicate that marketers may be able to engage with new demographics by incorporating mobile games into their strategies.

The study also presents a number of conclusions that suggest that consumers may be more open to marketing efforts while playing mobile games. Users favor non-violent, intellectually stimulating games to relax and have fun, and generally feel more positive emotions while playing these games than they do while using social media apps. For these reasons, the report suggests that consumers are “in a better mindset to receive an ad and connect with a brand,” while playing mobile games than they are while using other mobile apps.

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