March 23rd, 2015 by Oren Smilansky

Those of you who follow this blog might recall my post about JetBlue just a few weeks ago. Well, I guess I’m not the only one who appreciates good snacks and television while he’s in the air. The company made the news recently, ranking as the number one rated airline in Temkin’s 2015 customer experience survey.

The survey drew from 10,000 respondents and asked them to comment on 293 consumer brands across 20 industries, with each participant rating the brands according to three criteria: success (ability to accomplish what they set out to accomplish), effort (how easy it was to accomplish), and emotion (how they feel about the company). Among the airlines, JetBlue scored the highest overall with 75% (70% being “good”, and 80% being “excellent”). It was reported as a great improvement over their score last year, 60%, which landed them in the middle of the table.

I can’t say this surprises me, since as I’ve already written, I think they offer an all-around great experience despite some occasional flaws.  I don’t know how great an indicator this is, but I think they’re the only airline I’ve ever flown with who I sometimes wish I could stay on for longer, just to avoid getting back to real life for an hour or two. I learned today that my colleagues agree, since similar sentiment came up in conversation at the CRM offices today during our weekly meeting (independent of my writings on the topic).

The company stepped up its offerings recently, allowing coast-to-coast flyers the Mint program. I don’t think I’ll be jumping at the opportunity to spend $600 for a ticket just yet, but it’s nice that the option exists. My colleague mentioned that she saw a couple of newlyweds using the service for some privacy during their honeymoon, so I suppose there are practical uses for it.

Here are the rest of the rankings:

2. Southwest Airlines 72%
3. Delta Airlines 69%
4. Alaska Airlines 69%
5. Virgin America 63%
6. American Airlines 57%
7. United Airlines 56%
8. US Airways 55%
9. AirTran Airways 52%
10. Spirit Airlines 47%

It’s worth pointing out that 70% of the companies on this list are not offering passengers a “good” customer experience, with those ranked 3rd or lower scoring 69% or less.

[…] Despite senior leadership changes at JetBlue, including the departures of its CEO and chief operating officer, JetBlue soared to new heights in the airlines sector, supplanting last year’s winner Southwest Airlines. Not surprisingly, JetBlue also took the top spot in the Temkin Group’s 2015 Customer Experience survey. […]

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