March 20th, 2014 by Maria Minsker

Twitter is celebrating its eighth birthday tomorrow, and to honor the social network’s big day, I offer you, in no particular order, a list of the eight most engaging consumer brands that tweet. From the funniest updates to the most attentive customer responses, these brands’ feeds are models for delivering great social customer experiences.

1.     DiGiorno Pizza (@DiGiornoPizza)

A little humor goes a long way, but on Twitter, a little live-tweeting goes even further. DiGiorno is the resident funny man on this list, and earns bonus points because the brand takes every opportunity to raise brand awareness by live-tweeting highly publicized events. During the last Super Bowl, for example, the company tweeted:


2.     Oreo Cookies (@Oreo)

Speaking of the Super Bowl, Oreo famously stole the show in 2012 when the game was delayed for 35 minutes due to a black out. Not only was the tweet witty, but it was also on-brand and included a visual component. Throwing together a clever campaign centered around a creative image equals major brownie points. Or rather, cookie points, right?


3.     Nike (@Nike)

Nike makes the list for connecting with clients on an emotional level. This brand’s Twitter feed is like your own personal motivational message board. Plus, it’s sassy!

On Valentine’s Day this year, Nike tweeted:

Move Reminder: You’ve got a date with your Nike+ FuelBand. No chocolates necessary.

 4.     Charmin Toilet Paper (@Charmin)

Making discussions about going to the bathroom socially acceptable one day at a time, Charmin’s  definitely got this tweeting thing down. The company’s biggest accomplishment? Its #tweetfromtheseat campaign, which encourages followers to share funny bathroom experiences and images by using the hashtag. The campaign breeds not only brand awareness, but also engagement and offers plenty of entertainment value too.

 5.     Delta Airlines (@DeltaAssist)

Airlines get a ton of flak from customers (sometimes rightfully so), but few handle it better than Delta. As of today, Delta’s got 19 employees responding to tweets, and all of their names are listed in the wallpaper image on the company’s feed page. Most complaints are responded to very quickly, with a representative asking the customer to send a direct message with specific information and questions to the @deltaassist handle so that the issue can be resolved.

Screen Shot 2014-03-20 at 10.32.53 AM

6.     Coca-cola (@Cocacola)

 Demonstrating how to be a truly international brand, Coca-Cola tweets in different languages from time to time. The brand also makes it a priority to bring people together through sports, often commenting on different sporting events throughout the world. Earlier this month, for example, the company started a #CricketWithCoke hashtag just in time for the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament.

7.     lululemon athletica (@lululemon)

While many brands just use Twitter to push out promotional content, lululemon shares updates that position it as not simply a brand, but also a lifestyle, which builds a deeper connection with customers. The company doesn’t just tweet out product information and traditional marketing messages, but also posts yoga videos, provides fashion tips, and the occasional recipe or food photo.

8.     Dos Equis Beer (@DosEquis)

Known for their “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials on television, Dos Equis demonstrates how to create continuity throughout a multichannel campaign. Riffing off of the concept used in the television ads, the brand tweets out additional fun facts about the Most Interesting Man in the World. Earlier this month, the company informed followers that:

When he brings home the bacon, he also brings the filet mignon.

The brand also holds contests, and invites fans to submit ideas for what the Most Interest Man should “do” next.

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