February 25th, 2013 by Kelly Liyakasa

More than 50 percent of businesses want to increase their sales effectiveness – so much so that it tops the list as one of their primary objectives for 2013, according to a recent Sales Performance Optimization study by sales research firm and consultancy CSO Insights that was commissioned by e-signature solution company DocuSign.

Here’s where it gets interesting: 63 percent of sales reps met their quota in 2012. This was the same percentage as the year before, indicating sales quota achievement has remained, more or less, flat from last year until now. But, factor in the finding that for this year, revenue targets are 16.4 percent higher than they were last year with a 12.2 percent increases in sales growth expected, and you have to wonder if the predictions will match the math of the outcomes.

During a recent chat with Jim Dickie, managing partner at CSO Insights (who spoke with me for a sales compensation news analysis item, look for it in our April 2013 issue), he told me that what he’s learned from conducting research around compensation is that “you never develop a (comp) plan thinking everybody is going to make quota…you’re already anticipating that one-third of your people aren’t going to get their number when you develop a plan, which is a pretty standard practice out there.”

800px-IPad_2_Smart_Cover_at_unveiling_cropBut since revenue targets are up, more sales organizations are going to  be looking for ways to increase their reps’ chances of meeting – or exceeding – quota. One way will be through the use of mobility. The advent of the tablet device has completely turned business and sales execution on its head (see our April 2013 feature on how e-signatures are changing sales, operations, and approvals).

In addition to the 51.6 percent who wish to improve sales effectiveness, some 23.7 percent of companies are looking to reduce their selling time. By combining e-signature and access to CRM from mobile devices, we’re on the cusp of a sizable shift in the way contracts and renewals are created, executed, and closed, which will percolate into every process of the sales organization.

Thanks for this post, Kelly. Sales reps and team managers must always be looking to increase sales effectiveness, as it ultimately means selling more and selling faster.

You calling attention to the statistics from the CSO Insights report got me thinking about what it means to be sales effective and how we can help get more companies to that mark. So, I wrote about it and pointed readers to your post, a recent Gartner and some of Selectica’s resources. Here it is: http://ow.ly/iPFzY Hope it helps some of your readers.

Comment by Michael Boykin — — March 12, 2013 @ 4:29 pm

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