February 1st, 2013 by Judith Aquino

Super Bowl XLVII is only two days away. Ready to multitask? More than 100 million people are expected to watch the San Franciso 49ers and Baltimore Ravens battle it out this Sunday and advertisers are betting that a growing number of viewers will be following the action with a television screen and the smaller screen in their hands.

CBS is expected to generate between $10 million and $12 million for second-screen advertising during this year’s Super Bowl, according to AdWeek. In comparison, NBC reportedly pulled in approximately $2 million in second-screen advertising last year.

Marketers are still experimenting with the concept of simultaneously engaging viewers across the various screens but it’s already clear that added value and relevancy are key, notes Forrester Research’s David Cooperstein. “Modifying an ad based on real time data—like the way Coke changed its Super Bowl ads based on the way the game was trending or providing app that lets you check out the inside of a car when the commercial comes on—these kinds of things add a richer experience to a TV ad,” Cooperstein says.

Shazam made a splash last year when nearly half of the ads that aired during the Super Bowl were Shazam-enabled (meaning viewers who pointed Shazam’s app at the ad could access special offers and additional content through the app’s audio recognition technology). This year we can expect to see the company’s blue logo pop up again on numerous commercials, according to Shazam’s EVP of marketing, David Jones.  “From last year’s Super Bowl ads we learned that if you include a call to action with a compelling value proposition you can get as much as 70 times the tag volume than without one,” Jones tells CRM. As for which brands will offer a “compelling” value proposition, we’ll have to wait and see, Jones adds.

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