September 11th, 2012 by Kelly Liyakasa

You could describe Gigya as that company that helps big brands like Pepsi and Verizon build out their social infrastructure. With more than 500 enterprises on their client roster – reaching one billion-plus users per month – Gigya is on a quest to connect online business with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

On the heels of Gigya’s roll-out of the User Management 360 solution, I spoke with Patrick Salyer, Gigya’s CEO, about where the company’s experienced growth and where it’s headed. User Management 360 is broken down in two components: Registration-As-A-Service lets companies create traditional registration pages and social login’s, and Identity Access gives gives marketers on-demand access to social (upon user permission) and site activity data in one centralized place.  Here’s portions of our conversation:

How does this platform leverage everything Gigya’s already done?

Salyer: “Last year, we launched social identity management, which was our fastest-adopted product in company history. We were blown away. At the time, we were really just focused on helping businesses manage social identity data: Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect, and other types of permission-based social data. This new platform expands, and doesn’t just focus on social data, but really allows marketers to capture their complete identity [through] site profile data. When someone would register the traditional way and provide information, it’s [tapping into] activity data within the site experience, so what people comment on, review, or share, and other activities they may take on the site.”

What does User Management 360 entail?

Salyer: “Really, what we’re talking about here is providing complete registration-as-a-service…we made a system now not just for the social— but really outsourcing all that registration that can happen in minutes, and making it completely flexible where the marketer [instead of IT] can control everything about how that data collection works. We started in social. Our businesses asked us to do not just social, but really that complete identity, traditional [registration] and making it supereasy for any business to start managing B2C customer data.”

What are your thoughts on identity and the Web experience?

Salyer: “I certainly think it’s the case that before too long, you and I will not be getting the same experience on every site we go to. Its actually going to be a really archaic concept. [In the future] when you go to a news site, it will be specifically tailored toward your interest graph, from your social graph, based on your activity graph-the content that you receive. And that I think will happen in news, media, and retail, but to do that it certainly will require a new set of infrastructure, and that’s really what we’re focused on with this social infrastructure. The reason it requires a new set of infrastructure is to pull this off, you need to tap into new social APIs like Facebook Connect, Twitter Connect, you need to be able to handle big data – there’s a lot of data— and to be able to port that data into traditional marketing systems and then impact the site experience. For us, we are really focused on being that integrated, end-to-end solution that will access, manage, and take advantage of this data, which is really the focus of User Management 360.”

Speaking of marketing, how can social data improve targeting – I immediately think of ecommerce – and the customer experience? 

Salyer: “One of our clients, the NFL, uses the user management platform. When someone logs into Facebook [and has granted permissions], they can tell who that user’s favorite team is,  and when their birthdate is. Before their birthdate, those customers will receive an email that shows the jersey from their favorite team with their name on the back, with an email saying something like, ‘Hey come treat yourself for your birthday and buy this Redskins jersey.’ That gets interesting because it’s a better experience for the user because you get a more customized shopping experience that’s going to convert much higher than say, [if a Redskins fan] gets a Raiders jersey. ”

What’s next for Gigya?

Salyer: “You’ll see a new product around analytics and identity analytics coming out. You’ll see continued integrations with third parties to leverage this data, and you’ll see some pretty interesting things that we’re going to do in the gamification space as well. I can’t go into too many specifics, but it’s going to continually improve different parts of our suite and really make them seamlessly work together.”

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