March 30th, 2012 by Leonard Klie

April Fool’s Day is this Sunday, and while the occasional practical joke that will inevitably be perpetrated at our expense might be fun, other schemes are not so amusing. That’s why CenturyLink this week released a collection of tips and information to help consumers avoid being fooled by common scams.
The company offers the following tips to help consumers avoid getting taken in:

  • Protect your personal information. Share credit card or other personal information only when you’re buying from a company you know and trust.
  • Know who you’re dealing with. Don’t do business with any company that won’t provide its name, street address, and telephone number.
  • Take your time. Resist any urge to “act now” despite the offer and the terms. Once you turn over your money, you might never get it back.
  • Read the fine print. Get it in writing and review terms carefully before signing anything or sending payment.
  • Never pay for a “free” gift. Disregard any offer that asks you to pay for a gift or prize.

As its final tip, the company offers the following advice: If you receive an email that you think may be fraudulent, especially if it appears to be impersonating a bank or other company, forward the message to that company to make them aware of the problem.

This is good advice all year round, but seems especially fitting this week. Thanks CenturyLink for providing it.

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