March 19th, 2010 by Joshua Weinberger
Nestle's Facebook Page

Nestle's Facebook Page — Note the current status message: "Social media: as you can see we're learning as we go. Thanks for the comments."

You may have already noticed this or heard about it, but Nestle’s Facebook fan page is currently witnessing an uprising — or a meltdown, or some other chocolate-themed pun I didn’t already use in the headline of this post.

I’ll update as things unfold, but it seems that a Facebook “fan” modified a Nestle logo to use as an avatar — and the Nestle corporate communications people or social media staffers (I’m not sure which — I have a note out to Nestle and am awaiting a reply) responded about 10 hours ago — well, in a very 1.0 kind of way:

Nestle To repeat: we welcome your comments, but please don’t post using an altered version of any of our logos as your profile pic – they will be deleted.

The community — as you might imagine — responded in a very 2.0 kind of way. Some selections:

  • “it’s our page, we set the rules, it was ever thus.”
  • LOL. Thanks for the object lesson on how to suck at Web2.0. Bravo.
  • who cares about a LOGO, do you not have bigger things to be concerned about??????
  • Hey Nestle, this is the internet you douchetards…ALL YOUR BASE BELONG TO US
  • This is such a great case study of how not to do social media – all companies thinking of jumping on the social media bandwagon without considering the type of public conversations people are dying to have about your brand be warned!
  • You can see how this happened; . . . Billy Big shot Nestle, couped up in his boardroom gets told that someone has been tinkering with the Nestle logo . . . “How dare they!!” he bawls . . . “tell those darn internet people to stop toying with our logo” . . . “tell them. minion . . . and tell them now!!!” __________ oh dear.
  • There’s a simple rule to winning brand fans in social media – treat them with respect.
  • Yeah, Nestle’s Facebook administrator could have avoided a lot of this vitriol had he/she not adopted such a condescending tone earlier today. It gave the impression that Nestle didn’t really care what any of its “fans” thought and that is like a red rag to a bull (or substitute your own cliche!)
  • “Social media: as you can see we’re learning as we go. Thanks for the comments.”  Here’s a quick fix: fire your “social media expert”. You guys clearly aren’t ready to deal with consumers who talk back to you and do things their way. Stick to TV, print and radio…PS: you’ve lost a customer in me.
  • This is hilarious! I’m assuming the person who was originally writing the responses has already been sacked?? Shame on you Nestle – must read ‘promoting my brand on social media for dummies’. Lesson one = don’t tell people what they can and can’t do. Lesson two = don’t slag off consumers on a social media platform with…
  • Help edit wikipedia:
  • Oh dear, there are a lot of social media consultants angling for work here.
And these are the people who were motivated enough to become fans of a multinational conglomerate.
I’ll have some screencaps of the page up shortly.
[Major h/t to Blaise Grimes-Viort – @blaisegv on Twitter for tipping me to this.]
UPDATE: Some of the comments are getting quite lurid on the Facebook page. Some have called for a boycott.

I think it is ironic that this story is unfolding the same day that
Havas chief, David Jones spoke to the Guardian about how “Digitally empowered consumers” are scary. He says:

“Young digitally empowered consumers will punish those that don’t [be socially responsible] and reward those that do,” Jones said. “Social media has given people real power to act. Old leaders don’t understand the impact of social media. It is a medium the young people of the world control.”

Indeed. Read the full story here:

Comment by Elyse_D — — March 19, 2010 @ 2:19 pm

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