August 25th, 2009 by Jessica Tsai

Brent Leary, co-founder and partner of consultancy CRM Essentials, and Paul Greenberg, president of The 56 Group — also fondly known as the CRM Playaz — concluded the second day of CRM Evolution today with perhaps the most entertaining (though, unfortunately, the shortest) session of the day.

In Greenberg’s words, the game of the CRM Playaz, “is to rag on the industry.” So in this case, maybe you can hate the playa.

It began with a group brainstorming session — What are some of the most shameful ways people are playing off of the word “Twitter”? Greenberg was turned on to this idea when, one day, Clark Kent (@clarkkentclub) began following him. Everything seemed in-line with the comic character, until the very last line:

  • Name: clark kent
  • Location: Metropolis
  • Bio: Because of the declining newspaper industry, I got laid off from the Daily Planet. I now monitor my arch nemesis, social media, using X-Ray Twision

So, with the help of the attendees, we pulled together a list of equal caliber, such as:

  • Twust (Trust);
  • Twesident (president who tweets);
  • Twiller (tribute to Michael Jackson);
  • Twictionary (Dictionary);
  • TRM (pronounced: Twee-RM); and
  • Twuncate (Truncate).

There were more, but I can’t remember (feel free to contribute more!). At the #140Conf earlier this year, one of the speakers had said, “Everybody takes things so twiteral on Twitter” — but I chickened out and didn’t nominate my word. (PG: Can I still get a copy of the book?) The people who nominated the top three words (each audience member voted for their favorite three) will be receiving a free copy of Paul’s newest book.

Afterward, Brent and Paul played a game they call “C-Level Smack Down,” the premise of which is to grill c-level executives with questions they have to answer — the trick is that executives in the hot seat can’t say their company name, or even refer to their specific business industry, when responding.

Chuck Schaefer, CEO of on-demand CRM software provider Aplicor, was today’s lucky participant. Questions ranged from “what do you do on an average day?” to “do you like fruit?” to “who are your competitors?”. Schaefer made it to the end of the 5-minute stretch with a great response to Brent’s final question about his competitors. “Our biggest competitor is us.” Well done.

As a prize for make it through the 5-minute ordeal, Schaefer wins a custom ad made on the spot using Paul and Brent’s snazzy Flip video camera. The video will then, I believe, be posted on the Playaz’s site. “Free advertising for a month.” Pretty sweet.

Executives that don’t make it to 5- minutes are subjected to a “smack down” by the audience. Not sure how brutal CRMers can really get, but in my mind, it would go something like this.

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