February 11th, 2009 by Joshua Weinberger

Jessica Tsai spent the early part of the week live-twittering for us from the in San Jose at the first User-Generated Content Conference and Expo . Click to view the agenda. (Not following her on Twitter? She’s @jesstsai there.)

Here are some edited highlights from her tweetstream are below. (Timestamps are GMT, alas.)  If you were there, feel free to share your take in the comments.

We’ll have her two dispatches up shortly over in the news section. I’ll add the links here when they’re live. Here’s the first story, on “The 6 Principles of User-Generated Content.” And here’s the second, entitled “No Money in UGC Video…Yet.”

If you want to see what other twitterers were saying about the show, you can see the hashtag results here (#ugc/#ugcx).

–    Mon Feb 09 17:32    At UGC Conference in San Jose #UGC #ugcx

Keynote by CEO Bruce Livingstone and COO Kelly Thompson of iStockphoto

–    Mon Feb 09 17:33    twitter “fail whale” photo was originally an istockphoto #iStockPhoto
–    Mon Feb 09 17:47    iStockAudio to launch this Wednesday #iStockPhoto
–    Mon Feb 09 17:49    “important to me the community of iStock is socialistic” — Bruce Livingston
–    Mon Feb 09 18:00    iStockAudio – very first audio offering truly royalty free – B.Livingston


–    Mon Feb 09 18:07    Panel: “Can Money be Made in UGC Rich Media in a Recession”: Mod:Reuben Steiger, CEO, Millions of Us, Tim Kring, Executive Producer/Creator, Heroes, Craig Sherman, Chief Executive Officer, Gaia Online, Jim Greer, CEO, Kongregate

–    Mon Feb 09 18:09    luckily, it’s a panel discussion. “I managed to melt down entire presentation 3 minutes ago.” — Steiger
–    Mon Feb 09 18:14    “real world is becoming a lot more virtual” – Steiger
–    Mon Feb 09 18:21    games addictive bc they trick ur brain into thinking u’re accomplishing something, more pwrful when it’s in a community — Greer, Kongregate
–    Mon Feb 09 18:26    “Heroes [TV show] was created with idea of creating 360-degree platform around it” – Kring, Creator, “Heroes”
–    Mon Feb 09 18:30    Can money be made on traditional mediums in a recession? We’re “trading analog dollars for digital pennies.” — Steiger
–    Mon Feb 09 18:33    Greer suggests that “if you can define ‘winning’ more broadly, the dollars are better”
–    Mon Feb 09 18:36    if you can get users to pay for some form of getting ahead (games), the more money you can make…vs.MySpace 90% advertising–Sherman
–    Mon Feb 09 18:45    “if you can know one more thing, the cooler you are…entice fandom by giving endless rabbit hole of knowledge.” –Kring
–    Mon Feb 09 18:51    “everyone on TV realizes that 30-sec spot isn’t best way to tell story about brand” – Sherman
–    Mon Feb 09 19:04    able to monetize virutal world: monitoring access, force rarity with pricing, telling stories.
–    Mon Feb 09 19:25    chat with Kring. Social built into DNA of “Heroes” (launched Jan after premiere) but NBC’s trying to apply it to other shows, not easy


–    Mon Feb 09 19:31    Panel: Marketing 2.0; Mod: David Berkowitz, Director of Emerging Media & Client Strategy, 360i, David Dalka, Internet Marketing Strategy Consultant / President, daviddalka.com, Andrew Snyder, VP, Ad Sales and Business Development,Associated Content, Brian Solis, Principle of FutureWorks

–    Mon Feb 09 19:41    “There’s no viral marketing – there’s good content, good relationship, good people. Respect the community and they will respect you.” – Solis
–    Mon Feb 09 19:42    don’t believe everything you read about economic impact on mkting activity online in social media – seen a lot of growth — Synder
–    Mon Feb 09 19:56    social capital measured in relationships & trust – Solis
–    Mon Feb 09 20:00    Brand starts to take a backseat to the person repping the company. That’s the whole point of this, Social Media is about people -Solis
–    Mon Feb 09 20:09    “is all of this creepy?” — Solis
–    Mon Feb 09 20:25    “no matter where you participate, how you participate, overtime, we’ll have one place where we are communicating” – Solis
–    Mon Feb 09 20:53    Post-sess w/ Solis:”at the end of the day the community will dictate. Pose ideas and get fdbk before launching…not enuf ppl do that”


–    Mon Feb 09 22:18    Panel: Marketing to Alphas: Mod: Jerome Conlon, President & Founder, Brand Frameworks, Eric Anderson, VP of Emerging Media, White Horse, Larry Weintraub, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder,Fanscape, Inc., Evan M. Forster, Chairman, Forster Bros Ent. LLC. / CEO & Founder, TUFF BREAK

–    Mon Feb 09 22:29    music business is such a crappy business right now. 90% of Fanscape isn’t in music anymore — Weintraub
–    Mon Feb 09 22:32    no single hero; look for ‘Alphas’ who are at center of what they love (e.g. music) & their social networking behavior — Anderson
–    Mon Feb 09 22:37    Article Larry Weintraub is talking about “1000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly http://tinyurl.com/32zzlp
–    Mon Feb 09 22:39    “Mktrs will abuse a medium until there’s a backlash…[With social media] there must be a level of self restraint” – Anderson
–    Mon Feb 09 22:48    Evolution of WOM marketing will be toward behaviors that “insists on more dialogue & ownership of the relationship” – Anderson
–    Mon Feb 09 22:55    to influence the Alpha as a corporation, think, “Why would I care?” – Weintraub
–    Mon Feb 09 22:57    “strong online culture is the key to success, majority of brands won’t embrace this…[because] it takes time.” – Anderson
–    Mon Feb 09 23:02    “artists [today are] much more proactive in building communities…if you’re an artist, you gotta do the work” – Forster
–    Mon Feb 09 23:39    Give music away…every time someone bought [particular artist‘s] cds at counter – gave them 5 burned copies to give to their friends – Weintraub


–    Mon Feb 09 23:47    Panel: “Where did you Stick Your Video?” Mod: Jay Durgan, Member of the Board of Directors, Outhink Media, Inc., Adam Hirsch, COO, Mashable, Shay David, VP Business and Community Development,Kaltura Inc.Satva Leung, Indi Producer, Joe Oh, General Manager, Hub Strategy, Robin Sloan, Online Product Strategist, Current TV

–    Mon Feb 09 23:53    “In 2009, when someone [asks] are you creative or technical?-shouldn’t be differentiation there. Everyone should be a hybrid” – Sloan
–    Mon Feb 09 23:55    “As we enter into next phase of advertising & digital tracking, every medium out there will have to validate the numbers” – Oh
–    Mon Feb 09 23:58    “Vertical video sites will help a lot [with targeting], but general YouTubes of the world are just a crap shoot” – Oh, Hub Strategy
–    Tue Feb 10 00:12    panel consensus on viral/video marketing: analytics is key.
–    Tue Feb 10 00:23    “In the UGC world, cost not prohibitive for advertisers…Quality is less the issue, it’s about the content” – Oh
–    Tue Feb 10 00:33    Surprise trivia: Snapple got its big break on Howard Stern’s TV show. No advertising but he drank and talked about it on air. – Hirsch
–    Tue Feb 10 01:17    Post-sess: Video as social media is great but the real power will be from video integrated with CRM — Shay David, Kaltura


PRESENTATION by Guy Kawasaki (@guykawasaki on Twitter) Founding Partner of Garage Technology Ventures

–    Tue Feb 10 17:13    laid back and cowboy boots on Guy Kawasaki. Nice.
–    Tue Feb 10 17:14    “Alltop has been very satisfying work, second only to Macintosh in my career.”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:17    “Alltop is aggregation without aggregation”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:19    new auto response tool – TwitterHawk – ultimate spam? or relevant response engine?
–    Tue Feb 10 17:20    Kawasaki coined a term: “ufm” – un-follow me [on twitter]
–    Tue Feb 10 17:24    “I push the edge. I’m willing to take a shot”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:27    “Two kinds of ppl on Twitter: 1) obsessed with # of followers they have; and 2) those who lie and say he/she doesn’t. ”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:28    Kawasaki says he follows so he can direct message whomever.
–    Tue Feb 10 17:30    “key to social networking, user generated content is have good shit.”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:33    “Nobody’s are the new somebody’s..I’m living proof of that”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:35    The only way to find the right nobody is to let 100 flowers blossom…and hope that person finds you.
–    Tue Feb 10 17:41    “I just don’t believe in the trickle down effect anymore. I believe the bubble up effect.”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:44    [For VCs] What does it matter what the DOW Ind. average is today? What matters is what the DOW ind. avg is 5 YEARS from now.
–    Tue Feb 10 17:47    “For $25-50K, you can do a lot of damage now. That’s the good news. I don’t think it can get much cheaper to start a company”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:50    “Steve Jobs is the man. Leave him alone.”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:56    New company: Tynt – if someone copies text, includes the URL of the posting they took it from
–    Tue Feb 10 18:09    “My concern for newspapers – who is going to pay for good investigative reporting?”


–    Tue Feb 10 18:11    Panel: What’s Next For Social Content? Mod: Andrew Warner, Founder, Mixergy.comBlake Cahill, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Visible Technologies, Rachel Masters, VP of Strategic Relationships,Ning, Inc., Oren Michels, Co-Founder & CEO, Mashery, Richard Jalichandra, President & CEO, Technorati

–    Tue Feb 10 18:13    10 million users of Technorati, 95% are readers, not bloggers anymore – Jalichandra, CEO of Technorati
–    Tue Feb 10 18:23    “70/80% of conversations out there – really have no sentiment” — Cahill, Visible Technologies
–    Tue Feb 10 18:27    “Not every brand should have a social network.” – Masters, Ning
–    Tue Feb 10 18:32    How to blog better: blog often, blog better, be active on other people’s blogs — applies to all social networking – Jalichandra
–    Tue Feb 10 18:42     “Respect…is one of the main reasons ppl engage. Repsect, in most cases, is more important than money.” -Michels, Mashery
–    Tue Feb 10 18:47    “46% of [1.3 mil]bloggers [Technorati] surveyed, classified themselves as professional bloggers…Creating mini empires” – Jalichandra
–    Tue Feb 10 18:54    “Open social is not all it’s cut out to be. More about [application] distribution than about building.” – Michels, Mashery

–    Tue Feb 10 21:35:23    Fred Durham, CEO CafePress throwing cool tshirts to audience power of ugc merchandise
–    Tue Feb 10 21:50:33    “Peace and harmony don’t sell well… At least not in my business”-Durham
–    Tue Feb 10 21:51:58    “Content created by us but meaning is created by the readers.” – Durham
–    Tue Feb 10 22:09:13    “We’re more an expression platform than a fashion platform.” – Durham

Miscellaneous tweet-snippets from the show…..
–    Mon Feb 09 18:01    so many people with iPhones at #ugcx
–    Mon Feb 09 20:28    Just walked past Craig Newmark.
–    Mon Feb 09 22:12    OH: Nokia sells more phones in 15 minutes than Apple sells in a year
–    Tue Feb 10 03:01    OH: “Oh! Mashable! That Irish guy. No wait, Austra- Austrian?” “The Scottish Justin Timberlake.”
–    Tue Feb 10 17:09    Just saw Chris Brown Doublemint gum commercial. Guess suspension takes a while to take effect.
–    Tue Feb 10 19:42    Community Mgmt 101: The convo’s happening. Better on your site with a response from you, than on a blog with response from some1 else
–    Tue Feb 10 19:52    @yush Cant build it and expect them to come. Masters emphasized that only brands that have a purpose that drives interest should have one.

Wow, this is a great recap of the conference. Thanks for including my panel.

Comment by Andrew Warner — — February 12, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

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